Welcome to Gift Planning

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Welcome to Colgate University’s planned-giving Web site. We have carefully filled these pages with information on making Colgate a part of your long-term financial plans. But we know the limits of technology.

When you want to help ensure that bright minds have access to the life-altering educational experiences you enjoyed—a human connection is imperative. Our staff, with a combined 44 years experience in gift planning, is proud to serve as that connection.

Planned gifts played a major role in the success of the University’s $480 million capital campaign; many of your classmates entrusted us with the responsibility of translating their love for Colgate into far-reaching support for their alma mater’s future. We look forward to meeting your needs, too.

So browse and learn. And do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail, or in person with any questions or comments.

With sincere thanks,

Andrew M. Coddington
Associate Vice President,
Institutional Advancement;
Director of Planned Giving

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