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Donor Profile: Anna Marie Ward ’81 — In Her Own Words

Anna Marie Ward ’81Dr. Anna Marie Ward ’81, family practitioner, lives in Norwich, New York, with her fiancé Joe Caezza. Here, she reflects on her time at Colgate, her career in medicine, and the importance of giving back:

A few years ago, when I was in NYC with my three sisters, we each stated something that we were grateful for. I was thankful for the education that Colgate and New York Medical College gave me that allowed me to attain my ideal career in medicine. I had decided that I would financially contribute to both colleges. I then learned about the gift annuity. I liked the fact that it would provide a generous dividend throughout my lifetime as well as my designated annuitant. My gift is unrestricted; I’ll allow Colgate to use it for its greatest need.

I greatly appreciate Dr. John Mitchell, my biology professor at Colgate and chair of the premed committee. He gave me the committee’s highest level of recommendation in its letter to medical schools. I have never forgotten the confidence that he had in me.

I can’t conceive of any other career that would be as fulfilling to me or which would make such an impact on the lives of others. It has been amazing to constantly learn and adapt as medicine evolves. During the past year I have felt the impact of being in the forefront of a global pandemic.

Living a healthy lifestyle has become more important as I get older because I know that I cannot take my health for granted. I exercise for at least an hour a day. When weather permits, I walk to work — and I ride my stationary bike every day. I love to hike and enjoy the beauty of upstate New York.

Throughout my career, I have embraced the wonder and sometimes pain of life. As I grow older, I understand how important it is to give back to the institutions that did so much for me.


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