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Truly Transformative: A Conversation with Liz Buchbinder ’77

Liz Buchbinder ’77Tell us about your connection to Colgate.

I chair the Women’s Leadership Council, am a member of the Campaign Leadership Committee, and gave $1 million in support of Colgate’s Third Century as part of the Thirteen Women initiative, as well as a bequest provision. In the past, I’ve served on the Alumni Council and my class gift committee and participated in Real World and Sophomore Connections.

Why did you select Colgate for your gift?

The opportunities and experiences I had at Colgate were transformative — learning from extraordinary professors, making lifelong friendships, developing skills to navigate and succeed in a great career, and building a happy and fulfilling life. I want future generations of students to experience Colgate in their own unique ways and to have similar opportunities.

Why did you choose this type of gift?

I have made a bequest of a large portion of my estate because it preserved the flexibility I need for personal, family, and tax reasons. In addition, a significant part of the overall bequest will be made through a tax-qualified retirement plan to take advantage of Colgate’s tax-exempt status — versus a beneficiary who would have to pay significant taxes on the funds.

How will your gift be used?

A portion of my bequest will go to the Buchbinder Family Endowed Scholarship, established by my sister Louise and me in memory of our parents, Patricia and Harold Buchbinder. My recent gift as part of the Thirteen Women initiative is in memory of Louise, who passed away on September 24, 2021. In recognition of Louise’s interest in biology and psychology, the gift will be used to endow a fund to enable students to participate in faculty research in mind, brain, and behavior. In addition, the gift will fund a faculty/student lounge in the new Robert H.N. Ho Mind, Brain, and Behavior Center.


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