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Photo of Don Roehm. Link to his story.

MacDonell “Don” Roehm Jr. ’61
Gives IRA to Help Colgate Soccer and Colgate Athletics


Photo of Walter Broughton. Link to his story.

Walter Broughton ’63
A Man of Many (Planned) Gifts


Photo of Colgate campus scene. Link to Janet and Bill Maley's story.

Janet and Bill Maley P’09
Why We Chose a Flexible Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity with Colgate




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Photo of Margaret A. “Peg” Flanagan ’80. Link to her story.

Margaret A. “Peg” Flanagan ’80
Alumnae Leadership Council Founder Peg Flanagan’s Gift Is Smart Financial Planning


Photo of Thomas Pursley and his grandchildren. Link to his story.

Thomas Pursley ’66
Celebrates Liberal Arts Education Through a Bequest from His Retirement Plan


Photo of Len Dennick. Link to his story Photo of Jack Goodreds. Link to his story.

Len Dennick and Jack Goodreds
Friends Think Ahead for Their Class of ’56 Scholarship


Photo of Gay and Joe Doolittle

Alden (Joe) Doolittle ’67 and his wife Gay
Leave a Legacy for Future Generations


Photo of James Campbell Quick ’68 and his wife, Sheri. Link to their story.

Jim C ’68 and Sheri Quick
Insurance Gift Provides for Future Students






Photo of Thomas A. Pursley III ’66 with his grand nieces and nephews Leah, Levi, Logan, and Sophia Glickman. Link to his story.

Thomas A. Pursley III ’66
Funds Second Gift Annuity with Colgate Because “Education Is a Beautiful Thing”



Denis Cronin ’69
Reflects On His Colgate Involvement and Why He Joined the Willow Society


ammarell-sm.jpg aberlin-sm.jpg weidemeyer-sm.jpg

Robert R. Ammarell ’65, Robert E. Aberlin ’66, and Thomas H. Weidemeyer ’69
Gifts to Colgate Can Benefit Retirement and Create a Philanthropic Legacy



Charles H. Harff ’51 and David McIntyre ’10
Harff Gift Annuity Scores a Great Scholarship for Hockey Star


Robert Fox ’59
Gives Back to Colgate Through IRA Rollover


Hans ’42 and Nancy Guenther
Nancy Guenther Continues Late Husband's Support of Colgate with Gifts of Her Own


Nancy and Dr. Richard Gates ’50
Students and Nancy Gates Benefit from Charitable Gift Annuity

hoddy-sm.jpg Dr. Howard "Hoddy" Jones ’39 P’67 and Cecil Semple ’39
Two Great Colgate Men Helping Others Have the Same Opportunities
warwick-sm.jpgBruce Warwick ’60
Gift celebrates how Colgate inspired real estate developer Bruce Warwick ’60.
hillyer-sm.jpgKenneth Hillyer ’49
Under the stewardship of Colgate and Kaspick & Company, what was once a dilemma for Kenneth Hillyer ’49 has turned into a blessing.
safford-sm.jpgEd Safford ’58
Makes a difference by giving to Colgate
schaupp-sm.jpgRon ’56 and June Schaupp
"I acquired the ability to reason and think and to express myself verbally and with the written word. I came away from Colgate with an insatiable urge to learn. I feel I owe Colgate for what it provided me," says Schaupp, who has created a generous bequest provision.
jaycox-sm.jpgRobin Jaycox ’53
"I had some securities that had significant appreciation and the gift annuity allowed me to lock in my gain, avoid capital-gain tax, and receive a very competitive interest income," says Jaycox.
fisk-sm.jpg George ’40 and Dorothy Fisk
"I recognized that gifting the IRA to my children would not be tax-wise since estate and income taxes would take as much as 85 percent of the corpus. So it made sense to provide for my children and grandchildren with other assets and to use the IRA to make a gift to Colgate after my wife and I pass on."
hanaway-sm.jpg Dick ’56 and Betty Hanaway
Like the rest of his life, Dick's giving to Colgate has been both creative and unique. "There are no significant tax benefits to giving Colgate a promissory note but my main interest was to make a planned gift to Colgate using the equity in real estate while providing income for both of us during our lives."
meendsen-sm.jpg Fred Meendsen ’54
"I had some stock that kept appreciating, so I was faced with a significant capital-gain tax if I sold it. I decided to give my stock to Colgate's pooled income fund. It provides my wife and me with a steady income and because the fund is well managed, it's been a good hedge against inflation. After my wife and I pass on, Colgate will receive the corpus."
vannote-sm.jpg Tom ’57 and Roberta Van Note
"I do appreciate what Colgate did for me and giving back is worthwhile. You can't do anything better than help educate young people," states Tom. The Van Notes used real estate to make a gift to Colgate that would have been impossible otherwise. "I wouldn't have taken the sum like that out of my investments."



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